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Manowar AFTERPARTY motobaaris Pikne!

8. ja 10. veebruaril toimuvate kontsertide AFTERPARTYd toimuvad mõlemal puhul peale sündmust baaris PIKNE!
Tuukri 19, Tallinn.

Pikne Facebookis


MANOWAR shows taking place in Tallinn on 8th and 10th of February will also have unofficial afterpartys held in a bar called PIKNE.


  • you can get one with around 2.50 entrance fee and around 50 cents per kilometer.
  • So usually you get a ride in Tallinn for ~4-6 euros. Of course there are more expensive ones as well.
  • But if they want to charge you more for a few kilometers then it is not normal.
  • So, beware!

Address Tuukri 19, Tallinn.

Pikne on Facebook

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