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Saksamaa tuur 2015

Ingliskeelne ülevaade reisist.

Deutschland luck

We landed at Weeze airport on Monday. It was already dark and we therefore spent the first night in the airport hotel.
In the morning we used the services of a minivan and since we were the only passengers, we got to enjoy this private ride from Weeze to Essen.
That was #1.

Front row!

Although we had already purchased the train tickets to Düsseldorf, Sam and Jennifer offered us to experience a slight heart attack by giving us a lift through a traffic jam under a tight schedule instead. Neither the heart attack nor the traffic jam were mentioned beforehand.
Hint: always read fineprint.

We managed to get airborne and landed smoothly in Munich after what felt like just a couple of minutes. It was my first in-country flight and getting to the destination 5 times faster was certainly worth it. Especially when the train would have costed excactly the same. Don’t get to experience this kind of luxury every day so for me it was #2.

We were met by Jörg and his wife at the airport where he received his custom made SOTH ring after waiting for it for 2 years. It felt satisfying after seeing that spark in his eyes when he got it. We had great lunch together and after that he drove us to our hotel in Munich. If he had brought us any closer he would have had problems with the law for driving into the hotel lobby. We said our goodbyes and now I have a new brother of metal. This was #3.

We went to our room(s) and discovered 2 rooms in 1, a baldahin bed, 2 large LCD screens and a bunch of other furniture and equipment. It felt like if they had put us in the wrong room. Suddenly… a gust of wind came up from the north… no, wait… I discovered that the hotel had a sauna. Called the lobby: Yes mr Palm, we will warm it up for you. So we enjoyed a private spacious sauna facilities once again just like in Essen.

What to do in Munich, the capital of beergardens, you ask? Yes, museums and sightseeing. So we went to see the Hofbräuhaus (look it up, it’s worth it) and had a really good look – for several hours. Although a tourist place, prices are very reasonable and it is a place with history behind it. Three storied old building accommodates hundreds of people. Of course every manowarrior is a fan of sightseeing so we discovered 7 other well known warriors on the first floor and headed out to pre-party.
So this 100% perfect day was #4.

Front row!

Early next morning it was time to take the train to Frankfurt. Once again, same villains were met on the train. Ruxias friend Mr. Tallinn was warmly welcomed by the company.
Well organized public transportation took us to in front of our hotel in no time. Friendly receptionist offered us a free lift to the concert… we were really surprised. And gave us instructions how to get back to the hotel. Also gave me their card so we could call them if we needed something or got into trouble. Well played, hotel.
When the time came, we climbed into a black van and were driven to the concert hall. The few who had gathered already looked at the van like Manowar themself should have come out of it. But no, the Estonian fans arrived in full glory. Swedish girls Stina and Louise didn’t let us wait alone for long and we had a great time chatting with them. It made these hours pass by much faster, thank you.

Front row!

After the concert we went to the afterparty, but only stayed for 1 beer. I felt bad for not saying goodbye to Sam and Jen, but they weren’t there at that moment. We walked around the street corner (being a bit lost to be honest) and there they were. So, again, luck was on our side, I got my goodbye. Pedro was also there and had brought me a present from Portugal. Thanks, brother.
We decided to take a taxi, saw one, sat in and on the car floor in front of my feet there was a cold Becks beer. Driver kindly allowed me to drink it. What are the odds, right?
All this was #5.

Today we are going home. Hotel once again offered us a free lift to the airport. There is the normal level of kindness and then there is this hotel´s. We arrived at the airport terminal 1 and since one other manowarrior got off there, so did we. The bus driver told us to get back in the van: this is not yours, you have terminal 2 (how did he know where we were going?) which was pretty far away, so it would have been a pain to walk there if the driver hadn’t done a little extra.

So this makes 6 things that made this journey increasingly more pleasant. We had such luck all the time, I seriously thought at the airport that balloons are going to fall from the ceiling any moment now and the airport director would give me the keys to McLaren that was displayed next to us. It didn’t happen though…

I’m sitting on a plane, flying back home and writing this. I want to thank all the people who stood beside us. And special thanks to Lino, a true brother of metal!

I won’t write about the concerts because what is there to write about… Manowar was, is and will always be awesome!!!


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